Blake's Project Civic 2.0

A guy I worked with offered me a deal, or so I thought on his 92 Civic DX sedan. I gave him $800 and brought it home. Little did I know at first, a ton of work was ahead of me!

First thing to get fixed was the motor mounts. It was missing 2 of them, and the motor rocked back and forth. I didn't even notice they were gone until it blew a radiator hose. The rocking was stressing the hoses and made one rip. Second thing was the clutch. It was slippy. Did the work myself. It was the first time I had ever changed a clutch, and it was quite the learning experience! It went rather smoothly until reassembly. Make sure you put EVERYTHING back, even axle parts. The driver side axle popped out and left me sitting on the side of the highway.

Here's one of the first pics of the car, getting dropped off so I could put the axle back in.


I caught a deal on some wheels. $500 for wheels and new tires. Bronze Rota Circuit 10s with Kuhmo tires. This is the first set of wheels I've ever bought, and they are still scratch free to this day!



I wanted more power! The car had a decent motor already swapped in, a D16A6 from a 91 Civic SI.  But I wanted more. I wanted VTEC!!! Got a call from another friend, his auto transmission had gone out in his 95 Civic SI and he would sell it for scrap price. $200 later and I owned another Civic. The donor Civic was a D16Z6 SOHC VTEC engine. I pulled the complete cylinder head, and engine wiring harness from it and swapped it into my CIVIC. After a few distributor problems, the car was running! My D16Z6/A6 Mini Me! I also ran a P28 ECU that I later had chipped.


I also took the gauge cluster from the donor Civic, the DX trim didn't include a tach. The wife gave it a sweet paint job. Needless to say, I already had purple plans for the future.

I threw on some bumper quick releases because I was tired of the bumper sag, and a front lip, just to dress it up a little.

The drivers side fender was dented and rusted.  Father in law helped with knocking the dent out, sanding and primer, and we sticker bomb vinyl wrapped it.

Finally the paint was worse for wear, and something needed to be done. I did some research online, and thought PlastiDip was interesting. I could have the car purple for a few years, then if I changed my mind, peel it off and choose another color. I ended going with the Plum Crazy Purple PlastiDip. Here are some pics from Spray Day!

The hood was painted with black bed liner. (It's still tacky in the pics). I also put all the Honda emblems back on.

Here is how it sits now. From this point forward we get to do it together! I'm got some big ideas, and I'm excited to share them!

Blake Greer