Blake's First Project Civic

This is the car that started my love for Civic sedans. the sad day came where I had to sell it. I've included the info from a forum post where I had it for sale. It covers a lot of the mods I had done.

1993 Honda Civic LX sedan
158,??? miles I've drove it a little since the pics were taken
5 speed
Begging for a motor swap!


* New headgasket at 155,000 miles.
* Shaved head, new compression is unknown. Been running it with 93 and have had no probs!
* New dizzy.
* Generic CAI with extension pipe.
* Generic 4-2-1 header.
* Replaced clutch master cylindar, seals went bad in the old one.
* Generic front strut tower bar.
* Chipped ecu. Pulls hard at 4 grand.
* Almost new Exedy clutch.
* Had the flywheel lighted at Larry Smith's machine shop, actual weight is unknown. He said he took 9 pounds off of it, I'm not sure what a stock one weighs, but you can tell in the rev's.
* Generic muff. Catalyst has been gutted.
* New radiator.
* APC short shifter. Carbon fiber shift knob. Carbon fiber ebrake handle.
* Polk Audio component speakers in front, Blitz audio in rear.
* Rear upper strut bar, (connects from top seat belt bolts in back).
* Nissan Skyline Bayside Blue PPG Global paint.
* Custom Black housing headlights. Black corner lights.
* Chrome APC rice lights in rear. I don't have the stock ones anymore.
* Unknown brand coilovers. They were on the car when I bought it.
* Unfortunately No A/C, removed all of it! Heat still works.
* Shaved antenna so no am/fm radio.
* Kenwood head unit.
* Acura Integra 15" fat 5 wheels with Kuhmo tires. (not pictured) Two of the tires need to be replaced due to camber problems. The back two tires have 95% tread left!


* Camber kit--the kit I have on now isn't enough to correct it.
* IAC valve--Idles hi, the low for a few min. at start up. I've took it off and cleaned it, but I guess it just needs to be replaced. From what I've seen a lot of honda's do this!
* Valve Cover Gasket--Put a new on when I changed the head gasket. It leaks a little but not to bad..
* Paint needs to be buffed. After the car was painted, it was wet sanded, to remove some defects on the top. The guys buffer broke and he will not return my calls to finish the car......bastard.
* The door panels were yellow when I bought it.
* The trim around the a/c controls is cracked.

Included, but not installed:

New timing belt--I have the new belt but didn't have the tools to get the crank pully off. The belt that is on it now is still ok. But it's due milage wise for a new belt.

Lower Tie Bars--I will also throw in the front and rear lower tie bars for this car. It will help stiffen up the ride, but I was to lazy to get under it and put them in.


Blake Greer