S02E02 - What is This?

Blake fixes the leaky valve cover gasket on the Focus and finds a bigger problem. We also go over a bunch of parts that are install ready! In the news segment, we talk about gold wrapped Hondas, the upcoming Ford Ranger, and the death of John Haynes. Our feature this episode is the Resvani Tank!

News Covered On This Episode

Honda Gives the Midas Touch!

story and pictures from Super Street and can be found at the link below:


Calling Tires “Shoes” Just Got Real!

story and pictures from USA Today and can be found at the link below:


Massive Overtime Coming to the Ranger Factory, So Long Focus

story and pictures from AutoBlog.com and can be found at the link below:


John Haynes, Creator of the Haynes Manuals, Has Passed Away

Modology Feature

What is the Resvani Tank?

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