S01E03 - Unleashing the True Potential or Not!

In this episode, Blake and Marcus are plagued with bad weather and more car problems. Blake watches hours of Mega Driving School on YouTube. We discuss VW cheating emission testing and gassing monkeys? Plus, Marcus shares his thoughts on the mod of the episode, Throttle Boosters!


Mega Driving School on YouTube is all dash cam footage, and has inspired Blake to get a dash cam for his wife's car.



Volkswagen is in some serious trouble with cheating emissions testing on it's diesel cars. We go into more depth on the podcast, but here's a quick video from The Verge explaining what's going on.

Here's some info from CNN talking about VW exposing monkeys to diesel emissions.

Our feature mod for this episode is the Throttle Booster. Something Marcus feels very strongly about! We will be adding our own video soon explaining a little more in depth about them. If your curious and want to know more, make sure to give the podcast a listen!

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